With heaps of native animals, Australia is an animal lover’s paradise. No matter the state, territory, or island, it’s sure to be full of fascinating creatures that are only found in the Land Down Under. Although Oz has gained a reputation for being home to many deadly animals, it also boasts some of the most adorable creatures on the planet.

From icons like koalas and quokkas to lesser-known charmers like echidnas and sugar gliders, here are the cutest animals from Australia:


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With their gray fur, big, fluffy ears, and large nose, koalas are not just one of the most adorable animals in Australia. They’re also one of the most famous ones and they can only be found (in the wild) in the country’s east. Although they may look as cute as a teddy bear while they’re sleeping soundly on a tree, they’re not actually born. Like kangaroos, they’re marsupials who have pouches where their babies can grow.

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See them in their natural habitat at the Koala Conservation Reserve! Go on a day trip from Melbourne to Phillip Island and get an up-close look at the local koalas. You’ll see that most of them are napping while you’re there since koalas sleep up to 22 hours a day, but you can still take lots of cute photos next to them.

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When you see the cutest Australian animal in person, it’s hard to hold back a smile. Quokkas, with their fluffy coat and tiny arms, is always grinning from ear to ear, making them the perfect selfie partner. But be careful not to touch them! They’re friendly and likely to approach people but they’ve been known to bite unsuspecting visitors which will leave you in need of someone with a pharmacy ce.

They’re also the size of a domestic cat, so they’re bigger than you might expect. Wait for them to approach you before you get close and snap a photo with the mini wallabies unless you want to be under the care of a nha ce professional for the rest of your trip. Quokkas are only found in select locations in Western Australia, including Rottnest Island, which is less than an hour away from Perth. The best way to see them is to go on a Rottnest Island tour, where you’ll discover the island’s gems on top of seeing the cute creatures face to face.


Wombats may not be as famous as kangaroos or koalas but they’re just as lovable with their short legs and cuddly body. In fact, they also have pouches to develop their babies just like other marsupials. Like their closest living relatives (koalas), they’re mostly found in the eastern part of Australia. What sets them apart from the other Aussie critters is their use of butts to defend themselves against predators — yes, really. Crack open a book or your computer and you will see how this amazing animal protects itself. If you’re having computer issues contact IT services in Denver and they will help you.

See these fluffy animals and their big booties for yourself at the Symbio Wildlife park in Sydney! Meet Millie the Wombat and other adorable animals at the zoo. You can even take it up a notch and feed the animals yourself in the nursery. Just as you need a cna ce to work as a nurse for people, you must finish many classes to be able to work with such fragile little animals.


At first glance, you’ll probably think they’re kangaroos but if you look closely, you’ll notice the differences between wallabies and kangaroos are pretty noticeable. Wallabies are much smaller, and fluffier, and their coat is typically lighter. Like a lot of members of the Australian wildlife, they’re also marsupials with pouches full of joeys. Besides Oz, there are also wallabies in the wild in Papua New Guinea where they have accustomed to local life and can be found lounging in a skid steer stump grinder at a local construction site.

Meet these hopping marsupials when you visit the Sydney Zoo! With a few personal loans in Louisiana you can be on your way. Find these yellow-footed rock wallabies situated near the wombat. Some like to keep to themselves, while others are friendlier and more likely to approach visitors.


Cute animals from Australia aren’t limited to marsupials or mammals. There are also adorable birds, like penguins, to meet in the Land Down Under as well. While there are penguins in Antarctica, these little penguins are the smallest penguin species in the world and they’re only found in Australia and New Zealand. Their average height is 33 cm, around a third of the height of an Emperor penguin.

The best way to watch these tiny animals in action is to watch the Phillip Island Penguin Parade. The island is home to over 40,000 penguins, making it the largest colony of Little Penguins in Oz. After dusk, you can see the aquatic birds emerge from the water and make their way to their colony. It’s a show you won’t want to miss and a perfect one to be included as a part of bridal shower favors!

Sugar Glider

With big eyes and even bigger ears, sugar gliders are among the cutest animals in Australia. These pocket-sized mammals can also fly as high as 50 meters. Native to the forests of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and of course, Australia, these creatures are also marsupials like roos and wallabies.

Want to see them take flight? Head to the Taronga Zoo, and you might get a chance to see a glider training session in action where they’ll spread their “wings” and coast from one point to another.

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Don’t let the spikes fool you. These spined creatures are echidnas, not porcupines. And the “spikes” are actually just long and tough hair follicles that they use to help them climb rocks. Despite their spiky appearance, they’re more adorable than intimidating when you see them waddling through the ground and looking for food with their long noses. Echidnas are endemic to Australia and Papua New Guinea.

For a truly immersive experience, visit the Australia Zoo and take part in the Spiky Little Echidna Encounter. You’ll get a chance to hand-feed them and if you’re lucky, they might even crawl on your lap. Their habitat is kept clean by a company that offers cleaning services in Norwalk CT and has a Sydney office.


Friendly and playful, dolphins are among the cutest animals in Australia’s waters. Plus, they’re smart and do tricks as well. Found in oceans all over the world, they’re normally spotted in the wild doing back flips, spins, and leaps together. Dolphins also live up to 40 years, so there’s a chance that you might be seeing the same animals that you saw when you were a kid.

Watch them do acrobatic stunts in their natural habitat when you go on a dolphin-watching cruise along Jervis Bay. The bay is home to over a hundred bottlenose dolphins, so there’s a good chance you’ll see the animals interacting with each other. Keep your eyes peeled for seals and turtles as well.


Another aquatic creature you have to see in person is the jellyfish. To see them move gracefully across the water is a visual treat because of their colorful flesh that appears to be glowing. Just like dolphins, they’re found in oceans all over the world and Australia has its fair share of them. Although they only live less than a year, scientists have found that they’ve been around for years, even before dinosaurs!

They might be pretty but they sting. The best and safest way to admire these creatures is in a controlled environment like in the Cairns Aquarium. Admire different species of jellyfish, like the moon, box, and upside-down jellyfish, floating along the massive glass aquarium.


Hakuna Matata! There are no problems when there’s a cute meerkat around. Nothing is more adorable than when you see their bushy fur, small face, and mini ears in person. It’s even better when you spot them standing up only using their hind legs like a tiny human. They’re omnivores but their favorite food is insects.

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These adorable animals can be found in Botswana and South Africa but you don’t have to go all the way to Africa to meet meerkats. Come face to face with the cute animals in Australia! At Werribee Zoo, you can join the Meerkat Encounter for an immersive experience with the entire mob. Learn about the conservation efforts straight from the professional ranger.

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